Everyone is an artist and the cookies are your canvas for creativity!


Imagine guests around your table, with a wonderful assortment of shortbread cookies, a variety of colorful icings and a table full of sprinkles and candies for decoration.


family gatherings

Bring together family and take time to enjoy each other. Recall funny experiences and stories, while allowing yourself to become creative. A canvas of possibilities to make your piece unique and special. Leave with happy hearts and edible treats that will tell your story of the time shared.


Birthday parties

Tired of reserving a slot at the bowling alley or arcade? Paying for children that never show up or cancel due to a conflict?  Invite the kids to your house instead!  We provide the experience, a table filled with assorted cookies, icings, sprinkles and candies to decorate shortbread cookies. We will customize the shapes and decorations based on your theme. 


office celebrations

Looking for a unique opportunity to bring your team together? Build Comrodioery? Increase Communication? ...and create art at work. This time helps you understand part of how your co-workers think... differently. With the same supplies you will find different executions. These moments are gateways to opening up your teams communication skills, similarities and differences around ideas, conflicts and resolutions. 

Give Your Party the Creative Flare


We will wrap and set the tables with: take home trays, lids, plates, napkins, assorted icings, sprinkles and candy decorations. After you are all done decorating, we take the table mess with us after your party. 

An event to remember with souvenirs. Don't expect them to be around long, there are cookie monsters among us.

Bring 8 people to decorate 8 cookies for $150. Each additional person is $15 to join the party. In our experience, eight cookies usually have no problem getting done in the time slot you have reserved. We will likely bring a few extra, just in case, that should  round everyone off to approximately one hours worth of entertainment.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required when booking your party and will be subtracted from the total cost of the party. This is a new startup business, so there are not many pictures, blogs or posts, yet. If you have any questions or concerns please text, email or call us. I will contact you once you reserve a date and time from this website. Now serving Bend, Oregon.



My Creative Cookie Experience

I am not a painter, nor did I go to culinary school. I went to nursing school. While working I met a friend who made the most fabulously looking cookies, I always had to get into her cookie exchanges to get my hands on them. She took time to teach me how to make these creations, allowing me to see the different possibilities. I have since had many friends over and we decorate for hours. I try not to make it obvious, but just for a minute, at every party, I step back and see all the smiles, laughter and pure joy. These times remind me why I do this. I am to offering this experience to you. Want to see what I see? Give the Creative Cookie Experience a call and reserve your party today. Please give us at least 1 week notice prior to your event to get your order completed.